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Passport and Immigration office

Documents to be Submitted

Application for a Mauritius Passport - DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED?

You need to submit a duplicate copy of all relevant documents mentioned below (as applicable) together with your Application Form duly filled.
Originals of all documents need to be produced for verification.
In all cases
»  Birth Certificate.
»  National Identity Card (if applicable).
»  Certificate of Foreign Citizenship (if applicable).
»  Certificate of Mauritian Citizenship in case applicant acquired nationality through Registration / Naturalization / Adoption (if applicable).
»  Two (2) recent identical photos (passport size) taken against a light background. For more details regarding quality of photo,click here.
»  Previous passport or Certificate from Police in case of loss passport (if applicable).
»  + Additional documents as applicable (see below).

» Above-mentioned documents +
» Birth certificate of parent/s.
» National Identity Card of parents/guardians.
» Judge's Order (where applicable).

Married/Divorced person applying on Spouse/Joint Name
» Above-mentioned documents +
» Marriage certificate.

Divorced decree, in case: (i) applicant  intends to keep her ex-spouse's name (if eligible), or (ii) for change of name where applicant is holder of a passport on her ex-spouse's name.


Married woman applying for a passport to be issued on 'Joint Name', the name on the passport would be written as follows:- Maiden Name followed by Spouse Name.

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