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Passport and Immigration office

How to apply ?

Application for a Mauritius Passport - HOW TO APPLY?


Application Form! How to get it?
You can collect the Passport Application Form, either at:
»  The Enquiry Desk of the Passport & Immigration Main Office, Sterling House, 9-11, Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis, or
»  Any Police Station in Mauritius, or
»  The nearest Mauritian Embassy/Consulate Office, (in case you are abroad), or
»  Download the Form click here ; For Editable Version - click here

Completing the Form! How?
The Application Form comes with clear and detailed instructions on the front page.
Please follow them carefully and provide precise information, as any error will delay your application.
Complete all sections of the Form which are relevant to you in CAPITAL LETTERS with a BLACK ballpoint pen, well within the white boxed areas.
Please note that:
Consent at Paragraph (4A)
» Is required in case applicant is a minor (under 18 years).
» Is to be signed by both parents (where applicable), in the presence of a Police Officer or the Passport & immigration Officer.
» If parent(s) is/are abroad, consent may be given in the presence of either a Police Officer / an Official of Embassy / a Notary or a Solicitor, from the country of residence.
Specimen Signature at Paragraph (7)
It should be done with a bold black pen of size 0.5 mm - 0.6 mm, well inside the box, as in specimen hereunder.
Police Certificate at Paragraph (5)
» Please refer to Note 5 on the Application Form.
» If applicant is abroad Police Certificate is not required, however, applicant will have to show proof of residence abroad (i.e. valid visa/residence permit).
Declaration of Applicant at Paragraph (8)
» The applicant, if aged 18 years & above needs to sign the Application Form at Paragraph (8).
» In case of minor (under 18 years), one parent need to sign the declaration.

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