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Passport and Immigration office>Mauritius Passport>Your passport is lost or stolen! What to do?

Your passport is lost or stolen! What to do?

Application for a Mauritius Passport - PASSPORT IS LOST OR STOLEN! WHAT TO DO?

In order to avoid misuse of any lost or stolen passport, the following procedures should be strictly followed.

Any passport lost or stolen should be immediately reported to a Police Station in the area it was lost / stolen.

» Declarant shall be issued with a ''Declaration of Lost / Stolen Certificate", which he/she should  present to an Immigration Officer at the Passport Office for the cancellation of the lost passport on the Passport and Immigration Office Computer Record and to inform all our Missions abroad.
Where a passport, during its period of validity:-
» Is declared stolen, lost or damaged, or;

Is found to be unusable due to tampering,

the following fees are applicable on application for a new Passport:-
» On First lost / damage        : Rs 5000
» On Second lost /damage    : Rs 15000
» On every subsequent loss : An additional and cumulative fee of Rs 15000

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