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Passport Requirements and Travel information

Passport & Visa Requirements - Passport Requirements & Travel information



​Temporary Facility for French nationals residing in Reunion Island to travel to Mauritius with Valid French Identity Card

Following Government decision, to allow French nationals residing in Reunion Island to travel to Mauritius exceptionally on the strength of their French Identity Card during the period 16 August to 10 October 2018 provided that they should:-

(a) spend a minimum of two (2) nights in Mauritius;

(b) meet the usual immigration requirements on their arrival in terms of return air ticket and insurance cover, sufficient financial means as well as confirmed accommodation arrangements;

(c) on arrival produce their valid national identity cards in lieu of their passports as well as the accommodation voucher issued by the travel agency to the Passport and Immigration Control Officers at the point of entry and will be issued with a Authorisation D’entrée where immigration Stamp will be affixed to show the duration of stay;

(d) not engage in any gainful occupation during their stay, and

(e) present the "Authorisation D’entrée to the Immigration Control Officers on their departure for Control purpose.

Need for Passport to Enter/Leave Mauritius

Any person entering or leaving Mauritius shall produce to the Passport Officer a valid passport issued to him by or on behalf of the Government of a country of which such person is a national or citizen, or some other Government document intended for travel and establishing the nationality or citizenship and identity of such person to the satisfaction of the Passport Officer.

Non-recognized Passports

A passport issued by any of the following governments is not recognised to be a valid travel document to enter Mauritius:-

» Taiwan.
» Turkish Republic of  Northern Cyprus.


Holders of unrecognized passports, Stateless, Political Refugees and holders of Travel Documents should apply and obtain an Entry Visa before undertaking any travel to Mauritius  except Taiwan Passport holders who may be granted sixty days visa on arrival.


Conditions to be Satisfied for Right of Admission in Mauritius.

Any person entering Mauritius must:

» Hold a valid Passport or any other recognized travel document, with expiry date beyond the intended period of stay.
» Hold the appropriate Visa or Entry/Residence Permit as applicable.
» Hold a valid return/onward passage tickets to his/her country of origin or residence.
» Have sufficient funds to meet the costs of stay in Mauritius (A minimum of 100 U.S Dollars per day).
» Have a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius.
» Be eligible to re-enter his/her country of origin or residence.


Merchant Seaman

Merchant Seamen travelling on duty must be in possession of a valid Passport or a valid Seaman's Book written in English or French.

» If seaman is arriving by air in order to board ship, visa not required, provided the seaman is in possession of a Letter of Guarantee from the Shipping Company/is met at the Airport by the Shipping Agent.
» If seaman is arriving by ship in order to board aircraft, visa not required, provided the seaman is met at the Sea Port by the Shipping Agent. The shipping Agent to inform Immigration Authorities prior to their arrival.
» If continuing journey to a third country, should comply with Transit Visa requirements.

NOTE: Shipping Agent to inform immigration authorities prior to the arrival of the seaman.


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