Key Staff

Mr B. CallychurnChief Inspector of Police Officer in Charge Airport6374108 ​​​​​​​
Mr D. SobrunInspector of PoliceStaff Officer
I/C Occupation Permit Section
Mr P. BoyjooInspector of PoliceI/C Residence Permit Section 2109412 /
Mr K. A. EdooPolice SergeantI/C Prohibition To Departure Section2080981 /​​​​​
Mr R. AbeeluckPolice SergeantI/C Computer Section 2109419 /​​​​​
Mr B. O. K. SujeewonPolice SergeantI/C Spouse Section​​​​​
Mr P. EtiennePolice SergeantI/C Rodrigues Immigration​​​​​
Mr S. MootoosamyPolice SergeantI/C Trackng Team​​​​​
Miss D. EmilienWoman Police SergeantI/C Student​​​​​
Mr M. RamenPolice CorporalAsst Staff Officer2123727 /​​​​​
Mr D. SanhyePolice CorporalI/C Harbour Immigration​​​​​
Mr. R. RamsurnPolice CorporalI/C Memo Management Unit2109415 /​​​​​
Mr. S. GopeePolice CorporalI/C Visa Section2109415 /​​​​​
Mr. B. EmrithPolice CorporalI/C Counter Section (Passport Application) 2602073 /​​​​​
Mr. M. R. DamreePolice CorporalI/C Overseas Mission​​​​​
Mr. G. BanymandhubPolice CorporalI/C Immigration Control