Renewal of Passport


Applicant should submit a copy of all relevant documents mentioned below (as applicable) together with the Application Form (PF 136A) duly filled.

Originals of all documents should be produced for verification.

All required documents should be in either English or French language (Documents in other languages should be translated by a registered sworn translator and if same made abroad, the document to be, where applicable, apostilled or legalised or authenticated).

(a) In all cases

  • Previous passport + (photocopy of bio-data page only);
  • Certificate of Foreign Citizenship (where applicable);
  • Certificate of Mauritius Citizenship in case applicant acquired nationality through Registration / Naturalization / Adoption (where applicable); and
  • Two (2) recent identical photos (passport size) taken against a light background. For more details regarding standard of photo, click here.

(b) Adult

  • Above mentioned documents at (a);
  • Mauritius National Identity Card;
  • Marriage Certificate (where applicable); and
  • Divorce Decree (where applicable);


  • Married person applying for a passport on ‘Joint Name’ will be issued on the surname at birth followed by Spouse Name (without hyphen).

(c) Minor

  • Above mentioned documents at (a);
  • Birth certificate of applicant.
  • Mauritius National Identity Card of parents/guardians;
  • Passport of parent(s) (Applicable to Non-Citizen of Mauritius only); and
  • Judge’s Order (where applicable).

Note: Foreign Court Order, where applicable, to be apostilled or legalised or authenticated).

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