Customs Memo

Who can apply?

Any person who falls under the category of a returning citizen or a returning resident under the Excise Act.

Who is a returning Citizen?

A returning citizen of Mauritius is any Mauritian whether or not born in Mauritius who is coming back to settle in Mauritius.

He should be the holder of a valid Mauritian passport.

Who is a returning Resident?

A returning resident is any foreigner who is taking permanent residence in Mauritius.

When a Memo is issued?

Removal of any item as per list below from the custom department.

  • Personal effects,
  • Vehicles,

   and disposal of vehicle.

Documents required

  • Customs Memo application form duly filled, Click Here
  • Recent Passports / Travel documents
  • A valid residence permit for Returning Resident (where applicable)
  • Any other relevant document as may be required by this Office.


Applicant should call personally.

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