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Fake/Fraudulents Documents from China

It has been reported that fake/falsified Certificate of Mauritius Citizenship, National Identity Card as well as Mauritius Passport are being proposed in China through WeChat website application. This Office wishes to inform that the proposal for the obtention of the above documents is fraudulent.

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The Passport and Immigration Office is a branch of the Mauritius Police Force and works under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office as well as the Commissioner of Police. This Office is the sole authority in Mauritius which is empowered to provide Passport & Immigration Services.

Director General of Immigration is designated by the Minister to carry out the provisions of the Passport Act and the Immigration Act. We manage border control at ports of Entry and Exit, enforcing Immigration laws.

Services and Information

Mauritius Passport

Application for a new Mauritius

Custom Memo

Custom memo is applied by a returning citizen or a returning resident as per the Excise Act


Applicant should apply for a visa through our Diplomatic / Consulate Representatives

Resident Permit

Any person who wishes to seek employment in Mauritius should be holder of a Residence Permit

Occupation Permit

The Occupation Permit allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius

Passenger Name Record

Passenger name record data are information of passengers and collected by airlines operators

Eligibility for Mauritius Passport

All Citizens of Mauritius, either by Birth, Descent, Adoption, Registration or Naturalization, are eligible for a Mauritius Passport, provided that they satisfy all conditions prescribed by law.

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